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Ghoorbo Travels LLP is the outcome of many decades of exploration, research and social outreach within Indian hospitality. This is a service catering to a specific demand; hospitality professionals need skill improvement study tours.

Alan has been a professional hotelier since the mid-nineties. Shyamashree is an award-winning advertising executive with a proven track record in global tourism.

Founded in Mumbai in 2021, Ghoorbo is a relatively new venture with a loooong journey ahead. We work closely with many stakeholders to craft our unique variety of immersive study tours i.e. governments, local academia, industry bodies, hotel-restaurant brands, education campuses and you.

We take pride in being socially and environmentally responsible.

At present, out itineraries are for our domestic sector, Indians exploring India. This year (2023) via Chef Tours, we expect to host our first outbound tour - Indian chefs touring abroad. In 2024, we aim to commence our inbound itineraries - international chefs touring India.

Go to source

The best way to learn something as experiential as food is to go to source.

To understand a peoples' food, we believe it is important to understand and experience their culture as a whole; language, music, clothing, politics, history, agriculture etc. Books and videos are suitable for limited exposure. There is no alternative as good as going to source.

Meet the team

Wordsmith, food whisperer, happy traveller and world-class imaginer of the spirit animal 'hippoelepanda'.


I travel because there is still so much good to experience despite the enforced nastiness of the daily grind. New experiences are also superb source material for my career in advertising. Travel, dining and creative writing are an ideal trio. 

Fortuitously, I've had important roles on very successful international tourism and top-tier travel campaigns over these three decades. Promoting the uniqueness of a culture and its people with respectful sensitivity to curious Indian travellers is a fine line I've traversed many times. If you've appreciated Malaysia Tourism, Star Cruises, cleartripThai Airways, Rail Europe and Spain Tourism from my earlier work, and Swiggy in my current avatar, I thank you.

I'd like people to be absolutely curious and open to new experiences on their travels. The more we know of the others, the more we rediscover our happy selves, the better the world becomes.

Itinerant traveller, storyteller, hotelier, professional cook, historian and future farmer.


I've spent my entire career in hospitality, in and out of the kitchen, that's three decades. In this time, my work has been with Indian and global organisations, local, national and international governments + trade groups and all stakeholders in-between. I prefer to stay away from the spotlight to get work done at the grassroot level.

A large portion of the last decade has been spent working to strengthen India's hospitality education sector via X Events Hospitality, of which I'm the founder. XEH owns and manages India's most impactful socio-hospitality programmes. Our motto is: Think big, do bigger, better.

Hotel Aid is a non-profit organisation that is the hospitality sector's response to natural disasters. We've been active in regions affected by natural disaster, usually monsoon floods, since 2017. We assist the affected population in their immediate relief and long-term recovery efforts by co-ordinating resources from those hospitality businesses in the immediate region unaffected by the disaster. By 2027, Hotel Aid will be a global organisation and as its founder, my goal is to make it an industry standard that improves with time.

Trade affiliations

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