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This is a professional touring company for professional culinarians. Our focus is the professional development of the chef. Chef Tours is a very unique service, we believe a world's first.

With a chef's eye, we know that not all chefs are the same. Therefore, we structure our tours for the different chef types such as those from hotels (Luxury to mid-scale), high street dining, culinary students, educators, chef-owners etc. Our tours range from intra-city day tours to weekend and week-long deep dives in to regional cuisines. Our international itineraries are already in the oven, they will be announced soon. We have something for every pro-cook.

Our tours are fully immersive, take the 360º approach and are working trips, not holidays. For all tours, especially the international editions, we work closely with the respective governments, tourism boards, local experts and even their trade bodies to facilitate easier procurement of authentic produce. With our high degree of customisation, we are able to cater to each chef/organisation's specific information and skill needs within the general framework of the tour. 

We at Chef Tours take the long-term perspective. Our work has an immensely positive, long-term impact on all partners.

How to join our tours

Our tours are working trips for working professionals, not holidays. Especially the longer tours. In most cases, the employer/organisation views this as an 'investment' and therefore facilitates the chef's participation. Inclusion in those tours is by invitation. If you'd like us to invite you or need our help to convince your management, email

For our student trips, we usually work via the campuses. However, we may have mixed-group day tours during the summer vacations (May-July). We will announce them here and on Instagram. Follow us to not miss out.

Tour menu

Not available or eligible for our long tours? No worries, you can join us for the shorter versions or have us customise a tour for you. Take your pick.

Image by José Martín Ramírez Carrasco

Intracity day tours

These are half and full-day tours of 03-06 highstreet restaurants in a city. Each itinerary has a theme. The highlights are direct interactions with the chef-owners, tasting menus and kitchen tours with design notes.

Image by Elaine Casap

1N/2D farm visits

An overnight trip to a local farm or biodiverse region makes for an excellent weekend. This is a quick immersion into the local farm-fork practices. The experience includes cooking alongside the host. 

Image by Alicia Steels

Customised group trips

An annual class excursion increases in value with our customisation. We can either adapt an existing itinerary or create an entirely new tour that ticks all the right boxes of cost management, safety, satisfaction and high learning.


Roam free

Once a month one lucky student or pro-chef will receive our fully-equipped touring motorbike for free for a week to explore rural India. They must stay off main highways, stay only in small guesthouses and cook with the locals.

Image by Stanislav Ivanitskiy

Non-culinary experiences

Ever so often, we host day tours for non-culinary students to experience a hotel's other departments such as rooms, housekeeping, bars, F&B etc. It offers an interactive experience similar to the culinary version.

Image by Chris Montgomery

Online culinary interactions

A lovely hybrid of an online workshop with offline practice, this is a deep dive into a cuisine. Either a single event or a short series, we curate the local experts, research and chefs. Participants practice the cuisine offline.

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