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Will travel, that's the meaning of Ghoorbo. It is a wonderful collective verb, always done together.


Our approach

We travel for food and culture. Our sole focus is to enhance the knowledge of cuisine and culture via curated tours. When we travel, we do so with deep respect for the peoples and cultures we visit as it is a cultural exchange. Everything everywhere is linked. 

We do not know who we are if we do not know where we come from.


Our approach therefore, is to reach back into the past, while appreciating the present and our collective impact on the future.



We service two main sections; the general public and the pro-chefs.

Our 'Chef Tours' division provides education-oriented itineraries for culinary students and professional chefs. Here, we approach food not merely for personal appreciation but from the commercial aspect of a profitable kitchen and career. It is a fine balance. Chef Tours is a unique service, we believe a world's first.

Read more of this here.

The experiential tours are a simplified version of the pro-chef itineraries. They are for the general public and are just as fun but more adventurous than the pro-chef versions. The monsoon list will be announced shortly.

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Contact Us

Postal Address

405 Centro PVV, Opp. Mapusa Police Station, Mapusa - 403 507. Goa. INDIA.

Phone & Email

+91 827510 9191

Working Hours

Mon - Sat:

09:00 hrs – 18:00 hrs (IST)

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